Kay Bahd Apparel represents rural Canada

KAY BAHD: "K Bud" pronounced with a Canadian accent.

As every Canadian knows, "bud" is tossed around as often as a hockey puck. We think this is hilarious. We also appreciate it as part of the fabric of Canadian culture.

In early 2016, two bahds started delivering t-shirts to friends and family out of the trunk of a rusted 2001 Buick. Soon, we had over 20,000 followers on Instagram and had sold to nearly every town and city in North America.

A huge moment came when rapper Classified wore his Kay Bahd hat on stage at the Calgary Stampede. Then, things got REAL when the cast of Letterkenny got involved. Suddenly, the folks who were defining rural Canadian culture were repping the brand.

As much as having celebrities support the brand is cool, the biggest high has been uniting bahds across North America together. Every day incredible pics of beauties rockin' Kay Bahd surface to Instagram (using the hashtag #KAYBAHD). These pictures remind us that no matter how far away we live from one another, we are still BAHDS. 

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